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How to order a ketubah-

We try and make this as simple as possible.

Your ketubah is essentially Art + Text + You, so once you have the art chosen, you are on your way.

The most traditional ketubah text is the Orthodox version. It was written in Aramaic by the rabbinate ages ago and most Orthodox rabbis will insist on this version.

The Conservative text is essentially the Orthodox with an additional paragraph called the Leiberman Clause.

If neither of those options speak to you, we offer a variety popular Egalitarian, Interfaith, and Non-Denominational texts.

Of course we have same sex versions available for all of these option.

We recommend Personalizing your ketubah, which is adding your names and important information -such as date and location of the ceremony- into the text.  You can download the Ketubah Information Form here, fill it out and shoot it over to me. (because some of the information is often in Hebrew, I don't have an online form)

Once we have your info, we complete the ketubah text of your choice with it and send you a proof to look over and approve.

When everything is as you want it to be, we print and ship!

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